The Confusing Arithmetic of Kabristan Budget in UP

As soon as Akhilesh led SP govt came in power in the year 2012, it started allocating amounts for Acquisition, Beautification and Fencing of Kabristan across Uttar Pradesh. Allocation in the very first year was a whopping ₹ 200 crores. Next year the allocation saw an increase of 50% taking the total allocation to i.e. ₹ 300 crore.

It was when the BJP duo of Shah and Modi came into picture and they started exposing this gross injustice and bias against Hindus that ₹200 crores for developing Shmashan Bhumi were kept in the budget of 2014-15 for first time, while Kabristan again got allotment of ₹ 200 crore. Budget of year 2015-16 again allocated Rs 200 crores each for Shmashan Bhumi & Kabristan. In 2016-17 budget, while Kabristan budget was set at ₹ 400 crores with a raise of 100%, allotment for Shmashan Bhumi saw a miniscule 13.5% increase, taking it to ₹ 227 crores. So the total allotment for Kabristan in 5 years stands at ₹1300 crores and while allotment for Shmashan is ₹627 crores.

Uttar Pradesh has 16.11 crore Hindu population while total muslim population of the state is 3.8 3 crores. So if we calculate average, it comes to be allocation of ₹339 crores for per 1 crore muslims and mere ₹39 crores for 1 crore Hindus!!

I sincerely hope that those who were hurling all abuses on PM for ‘communalising’ the election, will simplify this mathematics for me as in what statistical parameters were used to reach at these figures for allocation of funds!!


2 thoughts on “The Confusing Arithmetic of Kabristan Budget in UP

  1. Though I hate SP & Muslims but your logic and arguments are flawed. Hindus needs a fixed piece of land where they can cremate their deads. This land size need not increase. But in case of Muslims, they can’t bury two dead bodies on the same piece of land. So their need for land for burials of their dead body will keep on increasing.

    Having said this, I think larger and genuine issue is of accessibility of shamsaan for all castes. Many dalits of UP ate still denied this basic right. And this has been their long pending demand. RSS for the last two yrs working on ..one village, one kua, one shamsaan but all has remained plain paper resolutions without any ground work.

    • Dear Rahul, I agree to ur basic observation. But point is that other than acquiring land, majority of this fund was used for boundary and beautification of Kabristan. In a report, ET reporter Vasudha Venugopal has shown how Shmashan Bhumi are in much more dismal status across UP. It was clear that the intention of Akhilesh Yadav wasn’t of doing welfare of hindus.

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